Multi Wave LED Light Therapy w/ RF/MicroCurrent/Hot/Cold Hammer


Multi Wave LED Light Therapy w/ RF/MicroCurrent/Hot/Cold Hammer

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  • tripolar RF handle
  • Hot and cold hammer
  • Microcurrent  roller

Product Description:

Complete Facial Rejuvenation System

3 LED lights with 7 possible combinations:

-620 - 700 nm . for anti aging/skin tightening/wrinkle removal/fine lines lifting/toning/increase collagen

440-500nm.treats acne /oily pores/promotes protein and compounding in bones.The light causes the development of oxygen radicals that kill bacteria without damaging healthy skin.

510-550nm for Skin neutralization/balancing/calming/eliminating endema
Treatment time 10- 20 minutes for all lights

RADIO FREQUENCY- for skin rejuvenation & collagen enhancement
treatment time (5-8 minutes)

BIO MICRO CURRENT ROLLER for skin tightening anti aging wrinkle removal. Treatment time ( 5-8 ) minutes

HOT AND COLD HAMMER for calming,soothing,assist in product penetration. Treatment time (3-5) minutes

Condition: NEW
Warranty:ONE YEAR. Best after sales service in the industry

Weighs- 54 lbs
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